I do not choose to follow your death, but to follow your life.

Over six decades ago, you walked out of the garden apartment where you lived with Grandma in Hollywood, walked around the corner, crossed the street, somehow climbed to the top of the tallest building on the block, and fell to your death on the sidewalk below. You never saw it, but the newspaper reported the next day:
Mary Kiviat went out to look for her husband yesterday when she found he had disappeared from their home. He was ill, she said, and had told of planning to take his own life. A short distance from her home, she saw a crowd gathered and went to see what had happened. On the sidewalk was her husband’s body. Isadore Kiviat, 71, her husband, had leaped to his death from the top of a seven-story building, police told her.

From each according to ability; To each according to need.

My Mom thought that was why you did it. Debilitated by a series of strokes, you not only were unable to care for others, but depended on others to care for you, which hurt your pride more than the physical pain.

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