Household work - i.e., "woman's" work, does not even count in capitalism. Only "man's" work of going out into the "market" counts. When someone has to be hired to allow someone else to go out to work, that is the lowest-paid job on the economic ladder.

The Family, on the other hand, is the living example of true communism (at least a functional family). Children are not charged rent for their beds, infants do not pay for mother's milk. This is even recognized at law in states where all the wealth accumulated by either spouse during the marriage is considered community property. Just in time for Mother's Day, your article points out the true communist ideal:

From each according to ability; To each according to need.

Instead of handing out lousy cards for Mother’s Day, why don’t we treat the “labor” of those who brought us into this world on at least the same level as the often-pointless “work” the rest of us do every day?

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