Instead Of Destroying Symbols Of Racism, We Should Preserve Them As Material Evidence

WARNING: The following contains disturbing images and information. That is why you need to read it.

EXHIBIT A: Trump Rally before Capitol Assault — AP Photo-Evan Vucci

These symbols of racism should be preserved as evidence.

Symbols of Racism as Legal Evidence

EXHIBIT B: Flag of Insurrection in the Capitol — SaulLoeb AFP via Getty Images-1230505137

“Many rioters carried Trump flags and signs, while others wore the insignia of fringe militias and extremists such as the Proud Boys and neo-Nazis, including a shirt emblazoned with the slogan, “Camp Auschwitz.” One insurrectionist paraded the Confederate battle flag through the Capitol halls — an act that thousands of troops gave their lives to prevent during the Civil War.”

Symbols of Racism as Historic Evidence and Education

The last Jew in Vinnitsa, 1941

After World War II, my Grandmother went back to Poland to see what had happened to her family there. She found that, when the Nazis occupied their town, the Poles (her former neighbors) actively helped the Nazis round up the Jews. First, her Polish neighbors identified the leaders of the Jewish community, including her father and brother — They were shot. Then, they helped gather the rest of the Jews, who were forced to dig their own mass grave. Gasoline was poured on them and they were burned alive. None of the family she left there survived.

If we do not learn from this history,

we will be doomed to repeat it,


and again,

and again

Representing the Working Class as a lawyer since 1982. Questioning everything, especially myself.

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