Thank you for pointing this out. Labeling people, especially, is a hostile act. I know this very well - as a lawyer, it is my job to put labels on people and their actions, in order to make them pay money, do something they don't want to do or not do something they want to do, put them in jail, or even have them killed ("first degree murder with special circumstances.") Labels are weapons and shields in my arsenal - you don't want me using them on you any more than you want me to point a gun at you.

I believe this is why the holiest name of God in the original ancient Hebrew bible is not allowed to be pronounced. To name God is a hostile act of reducing an infinite God to a finite label.

That Holy Name, is actually not even a noun, but a verb. This is in line with your point that "Nouns are even more troublesome." If God is a noun, that is something finite and apart from us. If God is a verb, it is an ongoing and infinite action which we can be part of.

Lao Tzu expressed it well (within the limitation of words) saying:

To order, to govern, is to begin naming; when names proliferate it’s time to stop.” - Tao Te Ching # 32

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